Christianism ("Christianity"), Etc.

Magic and Religion


from: Magic and Religion Their Psychological Nature, Origin, and Function, George B. Vetter, Philosophical Library, 1973 (1958).

'The Structure of Religious Fictions.

Said Ludwig Feuerbach [1804 - 1872] long ago: "ANTHROPOLOGY IS THE SECRET OF THEOLOGY. GOD IS MAN WORSHIPPING HIMSELF. The Trinity is the human family deified."' [305]. [See (Feuerbach): 910-913].

"If there is One omnipotent god, he certainly has a macabre sense of humor in making so many different followers of so many different gods and then, apparently as the whim moves him, setting these varied followers at each others' throats! But the evidence is far better that GODS ARE local or piecemeal products, each with his own historical determinants, but HUMAN, ALL TOO HUMAN, EVERY ONE OF THEM."

[306]. [See: #4, 126, 558.].

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