Christianism ("Christianity"), Etc.

A Guide to Christianism

See page 1, for principal foci of this research.

Paramount, are appreciations of personalities—especially freethinkers, and of many books, and authors.

Obviously, with more study, more interrelatedness is noted.

There are diversions, for context, historical appreciations, etc.

Of course, study of sources (many are in my library, and, most have been in my hands) is recommended.

Personal thanks are included (see: 40, 129, 150, 560, etc.).

For history of these researches, see 85, the title page, etc.

99% of the "boldings", brackets, and underlinings, are my additions.

Glancing is recommended. Details are available, to assist increasing interests.

The mind should be unfettered (see 734, etc.), free to roam about the eons, and beyond (see 793, etc.)—and, "yesterdays"—the millennia.

Free, to observe and investigate, the conditions and behaviors of the transient newcomer—Homo sapiens.

Lino Sanchez 1/1/99