From:          Luigi Cascioli []

          Sent:            Wednesday, September 15, 2004 11:17 AM


          To:       []


          Subject:       Letter sent to the Archbishop of the city of Bologna, Italy, by Luigi Cascioli

The following is the translation of a letter sent to the Archbishop of the city of Bologna, Italy, by Luigi Cascioli, initiator of (and plaintiff in) a court case, that is beginning to stir up quite some public interest in Italy and abroad; instituted against the priest Enrico Righi, head of the parish of the town of Bagnoregio, in the province of Viterbo. Roccalvecce, a neighbouring town, is home to the plaintiff.

Roccalvecce (VT) 14th of September 2004


Mr Giacomo Biffi Archbishop


Dear Sir, I am writing to you in regard to a legal case filed in the Court of Viterbo in which I appear as the plaintiff and don Enrico Righi, head of the parish of Bagnoregio as the defendant charged with "abuse of public trust" (article 661 of the Italian Penal Code) and "substitution of person" (article 494 of the same Code), the full details of which are available to any interested person on my website - - under the heading "Processo" (ie "lawsuit"). This lawsuit is awakening the ever-increasing attention of the public at large, since many organs of the national press are becoming interested, - see in particular the newspapers and magazines LA STAMPA; IL GIORNALE; LIBERO; IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA; CRONACA VERA; IL CORRIERE DELL'UMBRIA; IL MESSAGGERO DI VITERBO; IL CORRIERE DI VITERBO and the radio station RADIO LIBERA ROMA - and, according to what I am learning from persons with access to information in the world of the Church, it is beginning to give the Vatican some serious reasons for concern. I feel moved by a benevolent impulse towards don Enrico Righi [the defendant] for the responsibility which has fallen on him for offenses that involve him in his character of priest and member of the Church; therefore approximately three months ago (on the 19th of June 2004 in fact) I wrote to him an open letter, stating that I would withdraw the lawsuit if he were capable of supplying proof, JUST ONE PROOF, OF THE HISTORICAL EXISTENCE OF JESUS. What better opportunity for don Enrico Righi to rid himself of penal proceedings that are placing him personally in such an awkward and embarrassing situation? What


better opportunity than this to put stop, once and for all, to the dispute by now centuries old, that is being protracted on this subject between the Church and its opponents? With the serenity of conscience that one derives from having done a good deed, I have been waiting for a reply which alas has failed to arrive. If following this silence I have decided to turn to you Sir, indeed to none other, TO OBTAIN PROOF CONFIRMING THE HISTORICAL EXISTENCE OF JESUS, that would allow me to withdraw this lawsuit, it is because of my critics. Some of these have accused me of meanness for having turned on a "poor country parish priest" (sic) instead of picking on someone of higher standing and with more profound knowledge of the Sacred Texts. Almost as a challenge, these are admirers and supporters of the Diocese of Bologna have supplied your name, emboldened by the thrust [trust] they place in you for having repeatedly affirmed to be, in your quality of Bishop, "custodian of the Church's Truth". Given that I share the conviction of your diocesan supporters, at this point I am asking of which truth do you personally feel the custodian? Of the one [openly termed] fanciful by the POPES LEO X [Pope 1513 - 1521 (1475 - 1521)] AND PAUL III [Pope 1534 -1549 (1468 - 1549)], who SAW IN CHRIST AN ALLEGORY OF THE GOD SERAPIS; or of the 'historical' one, that which don Enrico Righi is endorsing when, in his parish newsletter to the faithful, he gives as certain that Jesus became Man by being born in Bethlehem from a woman named Mary? Where it [the truth] be resting with the second ["'historical'"], then please acknowledge with a reply! In the certainty that you are fully aware of how much more damaging any further silence, the silence of a Bishop would be for the Church, than that of a lowly country parish priest, I have nothing else to do, but wait for your PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF JESUS, CALLED THE CHRIST. Proof that, besides satisfying your two diocesan followers and relieving don Enrico Righi of his legal obligations, would spare the Church a probable catastrophe With cordial greetings, Luigi Cascioli.

[See: 2582 (Comment)].