"Of all the religions which men have entertained in the past four thousand years, none of them, nor all of them combined, have produced such a wholesale and vast amount of terrorism, unhappiness, persecution, torture of body and mind, bloodshed, carnage, and death, as has the system of Christianity. 


Its intolerance has been persistent and heartless; its persecutions have been cruel and relentless; its wars have been profuse and bloody; its tyranny over the minds of men have been debasing and deadly;


and yet we are solemnly assured that it is God's own scheme, that it is the most merciful and lovely system of religious faith that has ever been devised, and that it has done more to promote the progress and happiness of mankind than all other influence combined.  THE CLAIM IS A FALSE ONE."



[from:  The Champions of the Church:  Their Crimes and Persecutions, D. M. Bennett, 1878, page 516.  After 10 years of searching, thanks to Robb Marks, Bookseller, I was able to acquire this rare book.  I thank Les Heiser, bookseller ("Freethought and Scholarly Books"), for finding, and using part of, this quotation].  [See: D. M. Bennett, The Truth Seeker, Roderick Bradford, Prometheus, 2006].