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Printed at London by John Harison, and are to be sold at the Grey-hound in Pater noster row.  1600.


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[opposite:  beautiful engraving:  strong, handsome bust of Sannazaro; to his left, a dreamy young lady, leaves in hair, right, full breast, undraped, left elbow resting on two long pages with titles of works by Sannazaro].


[Note:  marbled endpapers; spine rebound (brown tape); light brown leather covered boards, gold line near edge; red speckled brown edges (topedge mostly grayish); moderate "foxing" (brownish splotches, apparently due to acid in the paper (not fungi)).  "DEDICATIO.", plus "PRAEFATIO.", plus 632 pages of text, plus "INDEX.", "INDEX II.".  Title page embossed near fore edge—vertically:  "University Library   Princeton, N.J.".  Bookplate inside front board:  "Library of...[Latin words] Princeton University."  Bound dimensions:  20.5 x 13.2 x 4.6 centimeters.  Decision of my librarian friend and myself:  no copying!  I opened the book, varying, about 30–100º].   212


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The Visions of Pasquin, or, a Character of the Roman Court, Religion and Practices; Together with an Account of The Arts of the Popes, Nephews to get Money, The Tricks of the Priests to fill the Churches Coffers by Masses for the Dead, The Policy of the Jesuites to Cully Princes, and Cheat Christendom.  As also An Exact Description of Purgatory and Hell.  In a Dialogue between Pasquin and Marforio, Translated out of Italian.  Ridentem dicere verum Qiis vetat?  Licensed, Feb. 9. 1689.  London, Printed, and are to be Sold by Richard Baldwin near the Black Bull in the Old-Bailey.  (microform (reel)) 1689.  260


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                 "Did you go yourself and examine this, or how do you know?"  [1].